RocknRoll Hall of Fame

Calling all music lovers, the RocknRoll Hall of Fame is a must see! The Rock Hall gives an intimate look into music history- the styles, sounds, and images.

Cleveland, Ohio is home to the RocknRoll Hall of Fame.  Set on beautiful Lake Erie, the Rock Hall is architecturally eye catching and one of a kind. It has a triangular exterior form with a shiny white finish. From inside and out, the RocknRoll Hall of Fame provides spectacular views of both the city and the lake.

Behind the RocknRoll Hall of Fame you will find Voinavich Park. This park is known for:

  • Summertime concerts and festivals
  • Red Bull Flugtag competitions
  • William Mather Boat, open daily for touring
  • Holding the Gravity Games
  • Cleveland Skatepark

Moving inside the RocknRoll Hall of Fame you will enter to:

  • Admission counter
  • Souvenir store
  • Food
  • Photo Opportunities

Well worth the price of admission, the RocknRoll Hall of Fame takes a visitor on a spiraling journey through music. Each wall is covered in:

  • original photos
  • drawings
  • memorabilia
  • musical instruments
  • costumes / fashion
  • possessions of inductees, legends, and current pop stars.

While inside the RocknRoll Hall of Fame you can enjoy a movie, sit inside the Rock Hall theater to view a concert, musician’s life story, or a documentary of a musical era.  These movies provide raw footage, never seen before behind the scenes, and insight into the lives of America’s music legends.

Headphones are located in a listening area. Visitors are encouraged to take a few moments or hours to listen to their songs and albums. The RocknRoll Hall of Fame is a musical archive of the ages, you are sure to find your favorite!

Costumes and famous outfits create a popular display.  Walk through fashion history and look at the jumpsuits off Elvis’s back, Madonna’s cone bra, and Michael Jackson’s famous Thriller outfit. Many American music icons have placed their threads into the RocknRoll Hall of Fame for us to adore.

Visitors from around the globe come to the RocknRoll Hall of Fame each year.  Famous musicians come to see their displays. Newcomers to the music scene come to pay respect to those who have influenced them. Fans can often find a concert happening in Cleveland when they visit the RocknRoll Hall of Fame. It’s a happening music scene. Come and enjoy music history and current music all at the same time!