Great RenaisanceFestival Event Information and Renaissance Costume Ideas

If you want a good time to be “had by all”, bring your loved one and come on down to any Renaissance Festival for fabulous costumes and authentically reproduced Renaissance Event and Shows.

Terrific RenaissanceFestival events include Renaissance dances and stage shows. Jousting is also part of the fun at a Renaisance festival, with no one hurt of course. For safety, weapons must be sheathed and peace-tied at most RenaissanceFestivals. Weddings and Wedding Reception Events often take place at the Renaisance Festival and are incredibly beautiful, with the bride and groom in Renaissance-style wedding costumes and in love.

Renaissance Festivals do hold the keys to romance with beautiful costumes for every imaginable scenario. Renaissance Period garb celebrates the feminine women with beautiful Bavarian bodices and luxurious Italian dress gowns. The Renaissance was full of male gallantry and that gallantry is expressed through costume at the RenaissanceFestival through embellished hats and costumes. True Renaisance men showed their chivalrous side. Renaisance men express their roguish and untamed side as well.

16th century Renaisance period costumes reflect the social positions and various trades at  a Renaissance Festival with peasants, artisans and musicians, and royalty dressing accordingly.

All dances and stage show are reenacted in costume as well. Even during the Joust, horses are costumed in Renaissance Festival garb to the hilt and riders come in elaborate costumes of chain mail.Very heavy and fun to watch!

Come to the RenaissanceFestival and you will enjoy yourself immensely. Lose yourself in a wonderful 16th century good time!