Put-In-Bay Vacation

An island in Ohio? That’s right; South Bass Island is home to Ohio’s esteemed Put-in-Bay in Lake Erie. Vacationers have flocked to the island shores for decades. Experience the island traditions yourself; take a Put-in-Bay vacation this summer.

To experience a Great Lakes Put-in-Bay vacation you must first get to South Bass Island. This transportation requires air, boat, or ferry. A Put-in-Bay vacation starts with a boat ride from the mainland or flying into the local island airport with a small plane or personal aircraft.

The Miller Ferry and Jet Express have been taking tourists and vacationers to and from the islands since 1905 when the Miller Ferry boat was established. A Put-in-Bay vacation has been a historic tradition for some families, and can become a new one for yours.

Book a hotel accommodation for your Put-in-Bay vacation. Many of South Bass Island’s hotels are waterside and within a walking distance to island attractions, bars, and restaurants. Enjoy this quaint tropical get-a-way, a Put In Bay vacation makes you feel like your on your own personal island - South Bass Island is only 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide!

Your Put-in-Bay vacation will be filled with entertainment, local museums, great fishing, boat rides, bike rentals, golf, excellent food, and a legendary nightlife! Put-in-Bay vacation rentals are reasonably priced and conveniently located.

During a Put-in-Bay vacation, take the Miller Ferry over to Middle Bass Island and visit the winery and many great restaurants. Lonz Winery has been a Middle Bass Island winery since 1884! Put-in-Bay vacation time brings the island history to your family.

Create your very own Put-in-Bay vacation this summer. Learn the history, see the sites, and enjoy the drinks! This tropical paradise is an Ohio get-a-way that not many people know about. Come and join your friends in a private island atmosphere. A Put-in-Bay vacation is one-of-a-kind!