Tower City Amphitheater

A fantastic outdoor setting for a concert in downtown Cleveland, Tower City Amphitheater brings a full summer line-up each year. Clevelandconcerts heat up when national and local bands pack the Amphitheater, ranging from rock to country- every show is a hit!

This downtown Clevelandconcert venue is set on the waterways of Cleveland’s Flats. As an outdoor venue with a huge covered stage and an amphitheater that protects from the elements, it’s a perfect place to see your band this summer.

Most all of Tower City Amphitheater’s concerts are general admission, you choose where you stand.  There is no permanent seating in the Amphitheater. Often you may find that VIP seating and/or tables and chairs will be set on the sidelines of the Amphitheater for those who purchase special tickets. Other public accommodations include reasonably priced concessions, numerous restrooms locations, kiosks for souvenirs, and areas to sit and/or meet up with friends.

For a Clevelandconcert, you may have trouble finding parking- not at Tower City Amphiteater! There are many options your convenience:

  • Guests may park directly across from the venue at the Tower City Shopping Center
  • A shuttle will take you from the Tower City Shopping Center entrance directly to the Amphitheater entrance.
  • You may choose to walk down to the water side Amphitheater yourself. Pedestrians safely use a crosswalk.
  • Drop-off/ pick-up/ limo/ and taxi services can also be accommodated at the Tower City Amphitheater entrance.

Tower City Amphitheater creates a unique Clevelandconcert experience. Those in attendance will enjoy the water side setting, quality acoustics, and the downtown Cleveland skyline.  People of all ages pack this amphitheater full to enjoy food, entertainment, arts, and festivals each season.  This summer find the perfect event for you, friends, and family!