Cedar Point Amuzement Park Hotels

Get wild at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, OH. The thrill seekers line up each summer to ride some of the world’s fastest, tallest, and scariest rollercoasters.

The Thrill Rides, Midway Games, Water Rides, Challenge Park, and Kids Park make Cedar Point the best amuzement park in the states. Nearly 12 million people visited Cedar Point Amuzement Park in one season!

Hotels and Vacation Rentals at Cedar Point Amuzement Park are close to all of the action. Call today about reserving a room in one of many hotels. Accommodations for families, friends, parties, schools, and groups of all sizes can be made at Cedar Point Amuzement Park.

Sandusky, Ohio has excellent hotels and great transportation to-and-from Cedar Point. Many of the hotels are waterside, located on beautiful Lake Erie with a spectacular view. Book a Cedar Point hotel and ask about group discounts, hotel ticket specials, and food vouchers.

A hotel discount is available for AAA members and through select summer rates. Hotels range from $39-$200 / night. All types of sleep arrangements, bedrooms, efficiencies, cottages, cabins, hotels, and rentals can be found in Sandusky, Ohio and nearby Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Call today about your Cedar Point Amuzement Park hotel and accommodations. Don’t miss out on the World’s Fastest Tallest Rollercoaster! Make Cedar Point Amusement Park your summer destination. Hotel reservations are going fast, get to the POINT!